An Exciting Journey through Southern California’s Premier Cannabis Dispensaries

In 2006, a revolutionary venture was born in Southern California’s ever-evolving landscape. MMD Shops, transcending norms, stepped into an industry that was still reeling from years of taboo. Today, it’s a pioneering enterprise, offering a premium array for both medical marijuana and recreational weed enthusiasts.

The Blossoming Scene of Cannabis in Southern California

With four strategically located outlets across Southern California, MMD Shops offers a unique and uplifting shopping experience to all customers. From the hip, vibrant vibes of Hollywood to the serene beach landscapes in Marina Del Rey, the presence of our brand is felt and appreciated. The unique diversity of our locations, also stretched to Long Beach, Burbank and Santa Monica, offers you the luxury to choose your preferred style and ambiance.

Your Go-to Cannabis Dispensary near you in Los Angeles, CA

Steeped in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, CA, our practices and products set us apart. Over the past decade and a half, we have carefully crafted our stores to be an ambient space that provides an intimate shopping experience. Our knowledgeable staff are always on deck to answer your queries and cater to your needs. We emphasize the importance of building a friendly rapport with all our customers as we share our passion for responsible, adult use of cannabis.

Experience Marina Del Rey’s Premium Dispensary

Our picturesque Marina Del Rey branch offers you an opportunity to enjoy premium cannabis products along the sun-kissed, relaxed California coast. The location has been designed to integrate beautifully with the area’s natural appeal, making it an ideal go-to spot for cannabis enthusiasts dwelling near the seaside city.

A Cannabis Oasis in Long Beach, Burbank, and Santa Monica

Not to be overshadowed, our outlets in Long Beach, Burbank, and Santa Monica also integrate seamlessly their respective local communities. Each location upholds MMD Shops’ commitment to maintaining a friendly, informative, and comfortable environment for all customers. We promise nothing short of the finest cannabis products Southern California has to offer.

In conclusion, MMD Shops, forged in 2006 in the heartland of the Golden State, remains dedicated to enhancing the cannabis industry. Inviting all those of eligibility, come step into our universe and share in our celebration of responsible, adult cannabis culture.