Altius Dispensary: Serving Lake Villa and Mundelein Communities

Established as a reputable establishment, Altius Dispensary has emerged as the premier source for high-quality cannabis in Lake Villa and Mundelein, IL. Our dedicated team combines extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service to offer a unique shopping experience. We prioritize understanding our customers, building relationships, and ensuring that your needs and preferences are met.

A Full Range of Specially Curated Cannabis Products

At Altius, we offer a diverse range of cannabis products diligently curated to cater to the eclectic tastes of our customers. Whether it’s a relaxing indica, energizing sativa, or a balanced hybrid you’re in search of, we’ve got what you need. From edibles to concentrates, and flowers to pre-rolls, our product menu is exhaustive and designed to be inclusive.

A Commitment to Quality and Safety

Quality, security, and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of our operations. With meticulous lab-tested processes and rigorous quality standards, we ensure the safe, consistent, and effective therapeutic use of cannabis. From neophytes to experienced consumers, Altius Dispensary is a destination where all feel welcomed, educated and served. Make your journey towards effective wellness easier, with the Altius Dispensary by your side.