A Guide to Fun Experiences Near Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers

Welcome to New Standard‘s guide to fun stuff to do near our provisioning centers. We value our customers and want to ensure a whole-day experience whenever you visit our centers. We understand that shopping for cannabis products should form part of a broader experience. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best destinations you can explore near our branches.

Art and Culture Attractions

If you appreciate art and culture, there’s plenty around our branches to keep you entertained. Near many of our centers, you will find a variety of museums and art galleries that feature both local and international artists. Check out the ArtCrawl, where you can explore the local art scene.

Of course, no experience is complete without immersing in the rich history of our location. There are several historical landmarks and sites near our facilities that you would enjoy. Take a short yet fascinating journey to the past and discover the roots of our lovely community.

Food and Cuisine

Beyond your cannabis needs, we understand that you may be interested in great food and drink experiences. Lucky for you, our locations are in close vicinity to some of the best eateries around. Whether you have a taste for extravagant fine dining or satisfying street food, there’s sure to be a place that will cater to your cravings.

Take advantage of our central location and also embark on a cuisine exploration. We assure you, it is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Moreover, there are excellent cafes dotted around our area serving up freshly brewed coffee and a range of delicious snacks.

Outdoor Activities

Finally, if you’re more into adventures and outdoor activities, there’s an array of options available as well. The local parks and nature reserves near us offer walking trails, boating, fishing, and bird-watching among other activities.

You can have a relaxed day appreciating nature or get your adrenaline rushing with thrilling outdoor activities. Come and visit New Standard for your cannabis needs and have an enjoyable day full of fun-filled adventures!

As you can see, there’s more to a visit to New Standard than simply meeting your provisioning needs. Make a day out of it and explore all these wonderful experiences and activities our locations have to offer. Enjoy!