How long does marijuana stay in your system

how long does marijuana stay in your system

How long does marijuana stay in your system? It’s a question that many people ask themselves before getting tested for drug use. There are many factors to how long drugs will stay in your system, so it is difficult to give an exact answer. Some of the factors include how often you smoke, how much you smoke, and how well your body metabolizes the drug.

Additionally, how long does marijuana stays in your system depends on the user’s body type? A heavier person will be able to metabolize drugs more quickly than someone who is lighter and leaner. This means that the same amount of weed could remain detectable for longer in a smaller individual. It is also important to note how often you smoke marijuana. The more often you use, the more marijuana is in your system. This means it could take longer for drugs to leave your body than if you didn’t smoke as frequently. If someone has been smoking weed regularly over a long period of time, how long does marijuana stay in their urine might not drop below detectable levels even after months without using at all.

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