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Marijuana hash

Moroccan Caramello Hash


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Buy Marijuana hash is a marijuana concentrate that can be consumed in many different ways. It’s made from marijuana resin, and it typically has THC levels of around 80%. The hash marijuana high is very strong and lasts for about an hour or two. Marijuana has been used recreationally since the 1960s, but it became more popular after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington states.

Moroccan Caramello Hash

Hash vs Marijuana

Marijuana and hash may sound similar, but they are different substances. Marijuana is a green plant that contains the psychoactive ingredient THC, while hash is a concentrated resin from cannabis plants with THC levels of about 15-30%. The two can be used for different purposes. Hash typically has more tar than marijuana due to its production process; hash smokers often do not inhale as deeply or hold the smoke in their lungs as long as marijuana smokers.

To purchase hash, you must go to a dispensary. While there are medical dispensaries that sell hash or cannabis oil for people with certain ailments, recreational use of the substances is illegal in many states and countries. If someone offers you hash on the street, it’s likely not from a reputable source and could be laced with other substances.